Schools in nature - Mountains, Lime-bath

The school in the countryside is one of the traditional forms of teaching and the educational impact of school pupils. Originally, the school trips organized primarily as a recovery action for recovery of pupils sites degraded environment. Schools in nature are of great importance for children in terms of health and educational.

Health and recreational importance

  • Students spend a great part of the day in a healthy natural environment, hardened off the. Plenty of active outdoor exercise increases their physical fitness.
  • School in nature contributes to the consolidation of good hygiene habits
  • Children rest from the established stereotype everyday school days, I break away from everyday worries, or any family problems and experience a new experience in their team mates.
Školy v přírodě - Jeseníky, Lipová-lázně

Training and educational significance

  • Pupils learn about the new environment, acquainted with him, learn about new places, natural ecosystems and organisms, who live in them.
  • It deepens the sensory perception of nature, develop a proper relationship with the environment, aesthetic and ethical sensibility.
  • Selection of activities and a wide range of activities contributing to the satisfaction of social needs, develop creativity and encourage pupils' independence, Pupils learn tolerance and mutual assistance.
  • Voluntary participation in certain activities, contributes to psychological well-being of the child.
  • Stay helps in creating and strengthening good relations between children in the classroom and the integration of problem pupils in class groups

The school in nature allow teachers to know students better and create a more accurate picture of the collective as well as individual personalities, liberal relationship between teacher and student positively influences other work with classes at school.

Pro school trips We have a dedicated Pension Under the Snowman . When deciding to help our prices of accommodation. Useful you may be Tips for trips to nearby recreational area SKI CENTRE Miroslav.
SKI CENTRE Miroslav is surrounded by forests, from one side of the slopes and of course the fresh air Jesenický. You can roast sausages themselves, or broil meat. The guest house is also a restaurant, which can serve as a common room, or training room. Pro school trips is ready 5x daily diet (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner).

The rooms - Pension Under the Snowman - Mountains, Lime-bath

Restaurant - Pension Under the Snowman - Mountains, Lime-bath

Surroundings - Pension Under the Snowman - Mountains, Lime-bath