Geocaching is a game on the border between sport and tourism, that consists in using a GPS navigation system in search of hidden mailbox called cache, which are known for its geographic coordinates (WGS 84). When searching for used hiking GPS receiver. People involved in geocaching is called word geocacher, Czech also geocacher or simply drake. After the discovery cache, entry into the logbook and the possible replacement of the contents whoever finds it again custody and disguises.

One of the basic ideas of geocaching is placing caches in places, something they are interesting and not yet visited by tourists. In the description of the cache (listing) are then given information about the place with its peculiarities and attractions. Cache is placed but also in places very busy. In some cases, very interesting task, which is associated with finding the cache.

Cache located near SKI CENTRE Miroslav you can find such. here.

Geocaching Jeseníky, Lipová-lázně